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Christmas advert

[ from the dept. ]

Today I heard the first Christmas advert for Christmas 2004. And it’s not even July. Funnily enough it was for a restaurant: Book your Christmas party now! I am just wondering why they are broadca

quick update

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Everything seems okay. Have been away for some days. Nothing exciting seems to happen at the moment here. Am thinking about stopping this blog for the next year till the G8 is over, as getting slowly paranoid.
(But not only me, can tell you!)
Besides, the server where this blog is hosted might be going down soon.

Edinburgh Radical Bookfair

The last days have been brainblasting and very exhausting. The Edinburgh Radical Bookfair was on the last days, and it was good. My personal highlights was the event on Saturday afternoon about the media misinformation and propaghanda. A new book was presented about Israel, which definitely rocks and certainly is one of the best books ever published about this topic, and I can say that without even having read it.
It has just been published, and came fresh from the press to the bookfair.
Its title is: Bad News from Israel. And what makes this book so special, is that it had taken 3 years to write it, and is based on intensive research in several countries. And it is per se not about the Israel- Palestinian conflict as the main point of view, but how it is portrayed by the media, and what problems the audience and the journalists face in the conflict.

On Thursday the news got announced, that the next G8 meeting in 2005 will in fact be in Scotland, that means about an hour drive away from Edinburgh.
There are already some websites about protesting against the G8 meeting next year. One is the Dissent website, and then there is also another one on Enrager.

Also, Indymedia Scotland new website has been first nominated, and now shortlisted for The New Statesman Media Award 2004. It is quite good and comforting to know that it is the same award Indymedia UK received some years ago, too.
I was pretty astonished about the nomination and shortlist, because the Indymedia Scotland website is just up and working since May basically, and we still haven’t got yet everything sorted out and wanted to take our time and make decisions slowly. However, I am quite happy about the appreciation and compliment to the website.

The other really grapping event of the Bookfair was this mornings discussion about feminism and the middle east. It was one of the best discussions I have heard the last few years. A woman from Iran, a woman from Iraq and a woman from Palestine, all three of them highly educated and actively participating in feminist and women’s groups in the three countries were so knowledgable and passionate about their believes and on the other hand so honest, too, it was impressive. Especially the talk of the Iraqi woman about the Equal Rights for Women in Iraq group was faszinating.

So, these are just few of the events happening the last days. Unfortunately I am so tired, I can’t write much more.

nearly arrested

[ from the dept. ]

The cat has finished its hungerstrike and this morning I was nearly arrested. Getting up this morning I was just reading about an action at BAE so I just hopped along there.
It all seemed to be pretty calm and relaxed but as soon as I started to take pictures, the police started chasing me to tell me either to stop taking pictures or to get arrested at once.
This never happened to me before, and not in Edinburgh, Scotland.

cat’s pestering

[ from the dept. ]

The cat is pestering me. It has gone on hungerstrike. It does not like the cheap ordinary food, and is boycotting it, but it’s now pestering me to give it multinational corporation cat food. It has this look in its face : "What – you really expect me to eat THAT?" and then it just turns its back to me and disappears behind the sofa untill it gets Whiskas.