August 2004

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Political or Peer Pressure – or PPP. Anyway, if I wouldn’t try to keep the political stuff out of the blog for the next months, actually I would have liked to have ranted on for several pages now about the local chaos experienced here. May the force be with you!

Telewest Broadband is crap!

Anyway, after having signed the contract with the telephone, internet and digital television company they have let me down. On several levels. Should somebody say that privatisation would improve things. In my experience it doesn’t. Let’s nationalize all the electricity, telephone, water and transport companies again, it can only be better, and would take loads Read the full article…

Edinburgh Streetparty, Community media, GAP

So, the hamster is back to his 5 year old owner. I was away the weekend for a course, about Community Radio, my friend was baby-sitting and luckily for him, he got sponsored a ticket for a pirate theatre comedy play, which he thoroughly enjoyed, too. The good thing about baby-sitting is, that all the Read the full article…