Monthly Archives: April 2005

hectic times

It’s getting hectic here. The weekend will be full on, with Mayday Carnival, the Camcorder G8 video premiere, the radio debate, the Beltane fire and performances, the official mayday march, the Indymedia lecture at University, and a conference with entertainment. Alongside this a family member is visiting, so are some friends.

Finding accomodation for G8 protesters is still an important issue, as Edinburgh Council continues to ignore the problem of maybe some hundred thousand skint protesters in the city – Make Poverty History at least says they would expect as much, but we here are a bit doubtfull – the biggest demonstration Scotland has seen in a long time was the anti-war demo in Glasgow with 80 000.
Managed to find quickly some accomodation for a Youth Group though, so that is a relief.

And, was told, that a reporter claiming to be from THE SUN has phoned the landlady of a female protester, making false and ridiculous accusations of the tenant “being a political terrorist”, to basically make her homeless. Other protesters found themselves pictured in The Times alongside with their full name and workplace or profession, assumingly with the intention to get them fired and their reputation slated.
Anybody wondering now why anarchists here hate the mainstream media?

3 piglets go astray

Oooops, long time, no blog. Quite a lot happening. Equador’s president has fallen, the new pope is not only from my homecountry and quite dispised there amongst liberal and tolerant thinking people, but was also member of the Hitler Youth, and has put huge hurdles and repressive processes on pregnant women seeking abortion.
The mainstream media here is building up an anti-G8 and anti-anarchist hysteria, which now leads to McDonalds and Shell petrol stations being closed down for the week of protests. (Not that anybody would greatly mind these corporations closing for some time, but a big deal is made out of that – guess G8 topic article sell better even without or hardly any news content. )
There seem to be G8 related articles – even if it is just commentaries – in the newspaper daily, creating quite a big wave of excitement on one hand, but on the other constantly inciting conflict. Nearly every working group of Dissent has now had its own slating in its own article.
Personally I have been running around quite a bit this week, with again the side effect that if asked I can’t really remember what I was doing, just that I was extremely busy running around. Is this already the headless chicken syndrome?
I got into a slagging match with Kirsten Anderberg this week, on the topic of her new story about her vulva museum being hidden on Indymedia UK.
She was quite angry and aggressive in her emails, and was wondering if I would have developped similarily if i hadn’t got involved in Indymedia Scotland – as I was quite and extremely critical of Indymedia before I actually got involved also having had a quite angry & grumpy style because of feeling powerless and dependent when demanding accountability for editorial decisions on Indymedia. Actually I was quite a troll at some time! Wondering, I would hope to have found the way to Indymedia then differently and I would have got involved and worked within Indymedia constructively and with a practical focus, but actually am now a bit doubtfull it would have happened that way, probably depending as usual on the personal situation – the location and personal contact with Indy folks rather than email list communication.
And the office of the Association to develop Alternative Media was raided yesterday, because of a drawing of 3 piglets instead of the 3 lions, thereby modifying some official logo.
I would want to translate so many articles, such as the press release and the Equador news into english, but have no time nor motivation for it – and even no immediate outlet for the news- Indymedia Scotland has still got its website incompatibilities after the system upgrade with the server, and Indy UK’s server has also been scratching along the verge of its existance.

burnt out

Today I discovered I accidentally burnt out and down my flowerpot. It has now big melted holes and the earth is all black.

When I came back yesterday after the radio training I thought the cogigis (constantly giggling girls) from nextdoor would have played a prank, because it was smelling as quite some barbecue, but did not imagine it would be my own flowerpot reacting badly to smoking.

Always assumed that flowerpots would be pretty imune to being burnt out and that earth would not burn either. Luckily enough I only smoke outside and can really be happy now, that i stuck to do that.

The radio training was excellent, there will be another class at the Forest on 21st of april, 5.30pm.
It was quite interesting also that other radio stations have different priorities in production of items. My favourite radio station is all very keen to have a quick, daily and/or contemporary but thoroughly and relevant researched provision of news items, not longer than about 5min without music or similar and to edit it quickly and efficiently so it can be broadcasted preferably the same day as produced. The sound quality should be as good as possible but the main focus is on the content.
Whereas in the training yesterday there was lots more focus on the style, actually creating little pieces of art and to do storytelling rather than news production. With longer pieces, more focus on narrative, keeping the tension, creating and focussing on ambient sound and similar.
Interesting, but it took a while till me and the trainer actually understood each other in the different approaches and aims towards producing an audio piece.

Festival of Dissent and G8 worries

This weekend the Festival of Dissent takes place at the westcoast of Scotland in the countryside. Unfortunately I missed the minibus yesterday and also it is wet and cold here and I have had a bit too much of G8 protest stuff in the past, so would be actually really really keen to have a break.
After mayday last year in Dublin, it becomes quite clear that a big mobilisation does take out a lot of work on the local activists, and at the moment am a bit disillusioned with everything.

Still I look forward to Edinburgh and Scotland buzzying with activists from all over the world, and for the first time after the famous punk picnics in the 90ies for lefties to be the dominant picture in the Scottish capital, which will it hopefully transform into a much nicer, open, social and happy carneval place.

It will be good fun.

Documentary films and videos

It is quite difficult actually to find good documentaries and to screen them. Just came across this website which tries to distribute independent films, including documentaries, but the only interesting ones I found are the one about a Black Panther member, one about the Vietnam war protests and one about Berkley in the 60ies. Not quite sure if I will try to get some of these, or if I will try to stick to Cultureshop distribution, as still behind with some videos advertised there.