November 2005

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Blog back

This blog always battles with a variety of error (messages) and was out of use for quite a bit. Am happy it is back.

Wild West Town in Edinburgh

Wild West Town in Edinburgh

Edinburgh’s Wild West Town is currently up for sale and might soon be demolished or converted into residental flats. The reason for the Mexican – American refurbishment style was to provide an advertising feature for “The Great American Indoors”, a company trading Santa Fe style furniture in Morningside. “The only place that worked was the Read the full article…

DIY activism vs. Professional journalism

Indymedia is so much better than professional journalism, in my opinion. No self-obsessed by-lines, at least here in Britain, accountability towards the reader and the other indy volunteers, no hierarchies, and instant possibilities of the reader to contribute opinion, clarification and corrections make Indymedia a much more happy community news resource than any other mainstream Read the full article…