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Breaking News: Hamster returns happy and healthy after 2 days disappearance!!!!

Fluffy’s noseThank God, Fluffy is back. He sneaked off on Thursday night, when he was having a run in the living room. Unfortunately the living room door was open(ed), maybe by Fluffy himself, and then he was gone. At first I did not worry as he is very curious, but when he is exhausted, he usually comes back for some food and water and just to check on what’s new around his home and if his hoard is still okay.

But this time he didn’t. So I went to bed thinking that he might chill out somewhere in the bedroom or that I would hear him rampaging and gnawing anyways when he is having his nocturnal adventures and then be able to pick him up again. Sometimes he even comes when I call him, and cucumber smells get him out and about even in the deepest sleep.

But this time I did not hear him at all, so he could only be really in the hall or the yellow room. Then I started to get worried, because the whole hall is full of rubbish which needs to be carried about a mile to the receycling bins and one of the core principles of having lost your hamster is: Don’t remove anything from your home.
Especially as he likes climbing into bags. But then it suddenly smelled strongly of paint, so when I opened the paint cupboard, I noticed that self-build nest of chewed up blastic bags and paper, but it was still unsure if Fluffy would have been in there this time. I took out everything in this cupboard, looked in eveywhere, even in all the shoes, the wellies, the bicycle repair bag, and the DIY toolbox. Nothing! I found some sunflower seeds – very suspicious trail, but not much else. I was getting really worried, because the paint cupboard is near the flat’s entrance and the worst possible cenario would have been that Fluffy had managed to escape out of the flat, especially as I did not hear any noises Friday night, but for the dysfunctional neighbours upstairs, whose favourite spare time activity seems to throw and drag furniture around in the early morning hours, accompanied by screaming kid and the parents shouting along with it.

Fluffy the hamsterSo on Saturday I was pretty worried about Fluffy. My boyfriend taunted me a bit with my own How to catch a lost hamster” advice- “You are supposed to be the expert” – and as his parents wanted to pass by and visit, too, so the main dilemma was tidying up everything and everywhere as quickly as possible without potentially removing a hiding hamster at the same time, without opening the balcony doors and always checking the entrance as well.

After we returned from dinner at the highly praised fish speciality restaurant “The Shore” with its beautifully presented food – I especially liked the strategically placed blueberries – but which tasted a little bit below expectations, me and Micah watched a little bit of telly at home and then suddenly I heared a weak scratching noise. I followed it and it lead me into the yellow room. Sounded like scratching on wood, so I dug out everything in this direction screaming “Fluffy, Fluffy where are you?” So, of course, the rebellious hamster stopped making any noise, and I had to wait till he started again. I could not believe that the sound came out of the bookshelf, but removed some files and folders and there he was! He looked really desperate and quite thin, and he had chewed a lot of my community activism papers to pieces. Luckily enough it wasn’t my certificate and qualifications or cuttings folder!

He seemed to be quite happy to be back and starting eating a lot of cucumber and stuffed himself with the sunflower seeds and some of his favourite little bits and pieces. I went quickly out and got him some fresh and tender dandelion leaves as well and told him off for worrying me so much to which he squeeked – he doesn’t squeek that often though, only when he is quite emotional. He has two types of squeeks; one which sounds hopefully a bit as “I agree” or in general just “positive”, and one when he is angry and swearing, like “What the fuck did you do that for?”, so quite “negative“.

Like when I picked him up after finding him in the community activism folder, I went over to Micah and showed him the hamster and Micah padded Fluffy, which quite upset Fluffy and he squeeked protestingly.
But as soon as he found his favourite cucumber and I talked to Fluffy after he had filled his stomach, he squeeked quite positively.

I am so happy he is back. So is he, I hope.
He had never been gone for so long.

The last English G8 interviews

Sam, student, 2min, mp3
Sam, student, 2min, ogg-vorbis

Ambidox, French communarde, 4min, mp3
Ambidox, French communarde, 4min, ogg-vorbis

Here is an interview with Dave from London, who is organising conscious clubbing events. Its 22min long, but a nice, friendly, good-mooded chat about the protests and personal life.

Dave, conscious clubbing, 22min, mp3
Dave, conscious clubbing, 22min, ogg-vorbis

Festival preparations are starting

The Edinburgh Festival and Fringe program is out now. Co-inciding with this, I had an interview with Three Weeks to do some reviews for them in August, and with the Big Issue Scotland to get a crew together to cover the Amnesty International Human Rights Festival. It’s all volunteering though. Which I don’t mind but for the lack of money. But at least the power balance of worker and boss is nicely egalitarian.

I particularily like the more non-commercial festivals, like described in previous year’s blog entry: “Edinburgh Festival for free”.
Word Power, the best bookshop in Edinburgh/Scotland/Britain, is launching this year its own little festival contribution. However, most of the small festivals are usually all run by volunteers and therefore they might not yet have their programmes together though.

Square Dance blog entry with video

The weather here is unfortunately grey, rainy and cold as ever. Phoned my parents and they have got sunny hot weather with about 30 degrees and Daddy is swimming in the huge open-air public swimming pool nearly ever day.

still of Square Dance Film

They had a day out with their Square Dance Club last weekend, and my mum told me about the boat trip and tourist events they organized.
“But Mum, “I asked, “didn’t you do any Square Dance?”
“Of course we did!” she replied proudly. “When we had about half an hour waiting time in between trains, we danced on the platform in the train station.”
“Didn’t you have any problems with that?” I asked, thinking about all the law and order troubles and police hassle we get at political actions.
“Yes, of course.” my mum exclaimed. “We did not have enough ladies to dance the women part!”
(Me giggling…): “No, I thought with police?”
My mum: “Oh, we would have allowed them to join in dancing with us.”

So, that’s my parents. Strangely libertarian and conservatively subversive without even noticing. Happily enthusiastic and chirpy they reclaim public spaces everywhere with their Square Dance club Kunihill Runners, from McDonald’s parking spaces to the Red Square in Moscow, as they have also been very involved with running the Russian-German Square Dance association. I am kind of proud of them, although I don’t like the Square Dance Music, it sounds a bit too much country-western to me, and the caller doesn’t always hit the notes.

Their next adventures with their little Square Dance Club will be the participation at the annual street parade and the beer festivals. I actually made a little videoclip (139 MB, wmv, German with English subtitles) of their Square Dance Club, but have troubles uploading it, because of the file size limit. Will put a link in here as soon as a way is found around the technical difficulties.

More interviews

here are three more interviews about the anti-G8 protests. One is with Marion Hamm, academic from the University of Luzern in Switzerland, another interview is with Claire, a christian protester from Belfast and the last is with Micah, anticapitalist protester on holiday.

Claire, christian G8-protester, ogg-vorbis
Claire, christian G8-protester, mp3

Marion Hamm, academic, ogg-vorbis, ca. 7min
Marion Hamm, academic, mp3, ca. 7min

Micah, anticapitalist, ogg-vorbis, ca 4.51 min
Micah, anticapitalist, mp3, ca. 4.47min

Here is some English audio up at Flash Radio:

More audio, especially German, is up at this non-commercial = community radio website at:

G8 TV: