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This weekend it was the London Anarchist Bookfair as well as Edinburgh’s Independent and Radical Bookfair by Word Power. I was a bit disappointed that they both clashed, and the Edinburgh bookfair had less interesting events on than usual, but a whole lot of Palestine Solidarity and other more socialist tendencies.
This year there was hardly any factual, investigative or news journalism presentations, but novels, poems and prose. Mike Small and Kevin Williamson are planning to launch a new magazine (again), called “Bella Caledonia”, with a seemingly slightly Scottish nationalism editorial. However, there was some tendencies and new books which were interesting me: one investigation into “Blackwater”, the private American mercenary army, a lot of books about criticising New Labour’s policies into spending £60 billion in “consultants” to change and privatise education, health service and other public services and some books about PFI and one about the water struggles. I was also impressed by the Centre for Alternative technologies – it publishes a whole lot of DIY guides for windmills, solar-panels and similar.

I am at the moment reading Ian Bone’s “Bash the Rich”, and it is incredibly funny. I have just got approval by the author to translate it into German. Unfortunately I have got a bad cold and headache so am not really up to much today.

Great international children’s book

Have created a list of great international children’s book on Amazon. I am just so shocked that a lot of my favourite children’s books are not recognised or known at all in British culture – like Pippi Longstocking for example or even Momo. Unfortunately I could not find the Turkish book I have read a while ago, or the one set in ancient Rome. I thought it was called “Quo Vadis”, but I am sure it was a children’s book and not the classic by Henryk Sienkiewicz. I forgot the title of the book about the heist mystery set in ancient Egypt and the story of the Great Dane dog.

And also I am a bit confused about what to say about semi-historical books which might have some prejudicial stereotypes in them, like Enid Blython’s partly discriminatory portrayal of gypsies for examples, or Astrid Lindgren’s partly racist portrayal of natives on the tropical island.

I still like the books though. The best would be for the parents to discuss these issues with the kids? What do you think?

Usmanov bribes journalists…

Craig Murray vs. Alisher UsmanovThe Arsenal News Review reports Usmanov newest PR efforts:

“On Tuesday, Alisher Usmanov flew the British press to Moscow in a private jet and put them up at the five-star Kempinski Hotel. An amazing stunt which many have dubbed a ‘charm offensive.’

The party of about 10 reporters included The Guardian (Matt Scott), The Daily Mail ( Charlie Sale),The Times (Matt Dickinson), The Sun (Shaun Custis), The Mirror (Martin Lipton), The Daily Telegraph (David Bond), the BBC (Richard Galpin) and The Independent (Jason Burt).

The press conference at his Moscow HQ was widely reported on Wednesday morning but only Charlie Sale admitted they were all flown there in Usmanov’s Gulfstream 550.This long-range business jet carries 10-12 passengers.”

Bloggerheads goes more into detail about the effects of the sponsored short holiday, and how this affects the general reporting on Craig Murray’s allegation into Usmanov’s involvement in the torture regime Uzbekistans [CiF ]. Despite this newest twist and turns the debate about Craig Murray’s controversial article and the resulting legal libel threats, hacker attacks, blogger solidarity and censorship debate rages on, not only on blogs and mainstream media, but also partially in parliament(s), email lists and pretty much everywhere.

With thanks to the opposition:
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