July 2008

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Journalists and Climate Camp discussion

There is quite a discussion going on between the National Union of Journalists and the Climate Camp facilitation group about the media policy and thereby restrictions of journalists on the camp site: see Indymedia.    

Nuremberg Time

For the last weeks I have been visiting friends and relatives in Nuremberg in Germany.  I am having a fantastic time and am really busy. In fact I am having one of the best times of my life – though I seem to repeat this every year by now.  Reviewing the Edinburgh Festival for Three Read the full article…

Indymedia UK breaking up?

Indymedia London just announced that they’ll be moving to a new technical CMS and thereby plan to leave the MIR site. As York Indymedia and our little Scotland site also did before, and Bristol also reconfirmed its technical autonomy some years ago,  but partly because of different reasons.  Reasons are that the site is just Read the full article…

Every worm in my compost bin is happy

Over the last months I have been initiating a worm composting project in our highrise community in Edinburgh. I found a very enthusiastic supporter in Jenni Marrow, the chair of the Muirhouse Community Council, who managed to get a waste recycling grant from Edinburgh Council for this pilot project. Unfortunately Jenni died in the middle of Read the full article…