Monthly Archives: October 2008

Worms settle in

The worms are all happily settled in now. All 4000 of them! None of them escaped anymore and there weren’t any more on the top of the lids and only two or so in each of the sump tray. They also seem to start eating the tea bags put in for recycling – they seem to like the peppermint ones in particular – and the worm treats seem to be gone already, too.

Micah put some of his burnt and cold toast in; I am wondering if that will work. Nearly every book, leaflet, website and user seem to list different ingredients duitable for vermicomposting and there is quite some contradictory information out there what can go into the worm bins for recycling and what not. Points of controversies are acidic organic waste like lemon peel; wood shavings (other animal waste & manure), bread, meat- and dairy including food leftovers.

Worm troubles

This morning I found the first dozen or so dead worms which committed suicide by escaping from the worm compost bin onto the dry floor. I left the other layers off the worm compost bin as I was worried it would squash the worms but now put them on top to prevent any more break-outs.
The other issue I want to keep recorded that the lid of the can-o-worms does look upside down very much like a tray, and I accidentally thought it was the bottom tray. I hope that when I flopped the whole contents out of the lid into another tray it did not matter that the cardboard used as a mesh did fall into pieces and couldn’t be used anymore.

Found out that Mary Applehof’s book is garbage, really, because she has no practical troubleshooting answers like the Pilkington book. Most of what she is going on about in the book is how brilliant and experienced she is, though her classroom activity book is very useful. The information in her book is very US- centred and ignores the developments on the continent in the last 10 years completely – information about different systems, including pictures are taken in the last century.
Well, looking into the books index I realised its the 1997 edition, the updated version from the 1982 book.