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The Diaper Free Potty Training

Me and our little one have started potty training.  Most conventional books say potty training can only start when the baby can walk and pull up and down the trousers and put the timing at about 2-3 years of age. But our darling son just always hated wet nappies and so he started to pee whenever we changed him or put him on the changing mat.   Or he cried when he wet or dirtied the nappy. First we tried holding him on the toilet and it worked sometimes, but I was worried it would be too uncomfortable for him. The old potty was just too unstable for our 9 month old.

After quite some search I bought the Baby Bjoern potty brandnew from John Lewis.  It was quite expensive for a potty and I doubt there are any more expensive potties out there, but it was really worth it. Our baby just loves his potty. He is so proud of himself whenever he manages to pee or poo in it. I thought it would take a while till he got to grips with it but he took to it immediately.  After the second or third time trying him on it, he even pooed in it straight away.

I have also found the book for potty-training babies, it is called diaper-free baby and the method is based on elimination communication. So the parents learn baby body language or teach the baby sign language for taking them to the potty or toilet. [ Born Ready Forum | Yahoo email group | Nappy Free Baby UK ]

Its very common in Africa and Asia to do nappy free elimination communication, like in China [ Tribal Baby ].  Leg warmers, like BabyLegs, Huggalugs or Mikihouse are recommended to get the little ones as successfull as possible with their EC as are split crotch trousers [ DIY ].