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A collection of audio files to download.

Audio Interview about bin worker dispute in Edinburgh

Here is a five minute Interview with the bin worker solidarity group. The bin workers themselves did not want to be interviewed on audio recorder or filmed as one of the binmen who gave quotes to the Edinburgh Evening News has been suspended for talking to the press.

Interview (Ogg-Vorbis, 5 min, ca. 3 MB)

Interview (WAV, 5 min, ca.27 MB)

Interview (mp3, 5min, ca 5 MB)

private company's bin lorry
private company’s bin lorry

Audio with interviews about Fringe

Here is some 4min audio about some novelties at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe. Filesize is circa 1 MB.

Includes an interview with manager of Jekyll and Hyde about the Free Fringe and with the manager of Dare to be Digital video game competition.


Unfortunately there wasn’t any more time, so I had to cut out some historical background information about the Fringe, the interview with a comedian, the interview with the Imam of the Edinburgh Mosque about the Islam festival and the other interviews which surrendered to some technical problems, such as the John Lewis shop window interview and the Book Fringe with Elaine from Word Power.

The last English G8 interviews

Sam, student, 2min, mp3
Sam, student, 2min, ogg-vorbis

Ambidox, French communarde, 4min, mp3
Ambidox, French communarde, 4min, ogg-vorbis

Here is an interview with Dave from London, who is organising conscious clubbing events. Its 22min long, but a nice, friendly, good-mooded chat about the protests and personal life.

Dave, conscious clubbing, 22min, mp3
Dave, conscious clubbing, 22min, ogg-vorbis

More interviews

here are three more interviews about the anti-G8 protests. One is with Marion Hamm, academic from the University of Luzern in Switzerland, another interview is with Claire, a christian protester from Belfast and the last is with Micah, anticapitalist protester on holiday.

Claire, christian G8-protester, ogg-vorbis
Claire, christian G8-protester, mp3

Marion Hamm, academic, ogg-vorbis, ca. 7min
Marion Hamm, academic, mp3, ca. 7min

Micah, anticapitalist, ogg-vorbis, ca 4.51 min
Micah, anticapitalist, mp3, ca. 4.47min

Here is some English audio up at Flash Radio:

More audio, especially German, is up at this non-commercial = community radio website at:

G8 TV:

G8 evaluation

So, we are now back in grey and rainy old Scotland, washing the mountains of dirty clothes and reflecting on the protests at the G8. I am working on my interviews now, and here are the first Vox Pops of some protesters chilling out at Camp Reddelich on Friday.


I also quite like the “What’s hot and what’s Not” – list on Indymedia UK. This year I would even agree with most of what is said, though I object to dismissing the Greek riots at the ESF 2003 evaluation and also Ska punk. Well, it’s coming out of personal experiences and therefore is very subjective, but I definitely also wouldn’t have put Dissent!, Asturias and Trapese on the hot list.

Still need to find out where and how to post the audio though. I thought it got uploaded yesterday to this server’s blog, but can’t find it yet. Have asked the guys at FlashRadio, so maybe it could be homed there.