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How to catch a lost hamster… – The Movie !

Fluffy jumping into the bucket.
Finally, the new video, also subtitled “Success with containers” has uploaded. You can watch it either on or download the 97 MB big heavyweight from this website. It has been made with the help from Pilton Video, the best community video project in the world!

Fluffy has been a brilliant movie star, very quick he was on his feet, but after he got accustomed to the camera, he quite liked all the treats he was getting for doing funny stuff, like hopping into the bucket or coming when called.

The video was initiated by all these poor fellows loosing their escaped hamsters, its a little guide on how to prevent it, how and where to find the hamster, how to tame him or her and how to catch him/her.

Square Dance blog entry with video

The weather here is unfortunately grey, rainy and cold as ever. Phoned my parents and they have got sunny hot weather with about 30 degrees and Daddy is swimming in the huge open-air public swimming pool nearly ever day.

still of Square Dance Film

They had a day out with their Square Dance Club last weekend, and my mum told me about the boat trip and tourist events they organized.
“But Mum, “I asked, “didn’t you do any Square Dance?”
“Of course we did!” she replied proudly. “When we had about half an hour waiting time in between trains, we danced on the platform in the train station.”
“Didn’t you have any problems with that?” I asked, thinking about all the law and order troubles and police hassle we get at political actions.
“Yes, of course.” my mum exclaimed. “We did not have enough ladies to dance the women part!”
(Me giggling…): “No, I thought with police?”
My mum: “Oh, we would have allowed them to join in dancing with us.”

So, that’s my parents. Strangely libertarian and conservatively subversive without even noticing. Happily enthusiastic and chirpy they reclaim public spaces everywhere with their Square Dance club Kunihill Runners, from McDonald’s parking spaces to the Red Square in Moscow, as they have also been very involved with running the Russian-German Square Dance association. I am kind of proud of them, although I don’t like the Square Dance Music, it sounds a bit too much country-western to me, and the caller doesn’t always hit the notes.

Their next adventures with their little Square Dance Club will be the participation at the annual street parade and the beer festivals. I actually made a little videoclip (139 MB, wmv, German with English subtitles) of their Square Dance Club, but have troubles uploading it, because of the file size limit. Will put a link in here as soon as a way is found around the technical difficulties.

How to catch a lost hamster…

Today this blog entry received a comment, asking for help:

“omg help i lost my hamster and I don’t know what to do please help me it’s been 2 days” .

Hamsters are escapologists. They make break-outs a profession. They are such curious little lovehearts and regard themselves as explorers as well. Don’t worry about your hamster. It will be back. Just leave the cage on the floor with some food in and his homely sleeping house and he will return regularly at night to fill up his cheeks. My hamster likes to dig himself into and behind the sofa and the heating when he is out on leave.

It might be best to first find out in which room (s)he is and then leave the cage on the floor with some food and I guarantee the hamster will be back at night when its calm.

The only difficulty will be for you to wake up when (s)he is in the cage.

Alternatively you could put sunflower seeds on the floor in each room and then the next day find out in which room they are gone. Sometimes it also smells horrible when the hamster goes to the toilet and wees, which can determine in which room it is.

Key to finding him is to keep the doors shut in your house so the hamster can not change rooms. It might be best if the hamster is in the bedroom, then you’ll wake up when its back in its cage and you could just close the doors and put the upper part of the cage back. Othwerwise it will most likely just fill up the cheeks and return to freedom and build another hoard somewhere in the room.

Sometimes it might also help if you sit on the floor and watch television in the evening for some hours, but pretty quietly not quite in the dark, but also not in too bright conditions and if you have some nice smelling food around on the floor, such as freshly cut carrots, cucumber, corn/maize, and similar, the hamster might leave the hiding place and come out to get it. Don’t rush to catch him/her, just watch where he/she is hiding and taking the food- it will have its hoard there and be a regular visitor to this favorite place. If your hamster isn’t tame you might not be able to catch him by hand – it is astonishing how they can squeeze themselves away and they rather jump down into unknown depths than consider giving up. Best is to leave a little box lying around where he can go into and examine- or his sleeping house, and you might just be able to pick him up in the box.
My hamster is now pretty tame so he runs around every evening during the news and when I watch telly. He even comes when I call him and I can pick him up by hand. If you feed him from your hand, it will get tame quite quickly and then it is easier to catch it after it escapes, in total Fluffy doesn’t escape at all anymore because he knows he gets a walk nearly every evening (apart from when I have guests).

Fluffy usually gets active at around 8pm till about midnight and also has a morning session at dawn.

[ video : How to catch a lost hamster ]